Can you replace a kitchen sink without replacing the countertop? Keeping the countertop could save money, time, and energy. But as West Haven’s trusted kitchen remodeling services provider, Cutting Edge Cabinetry knows salvaging countertops isn’t always that simple. Find the answer to this question and the factors that influence the answer below.  

Short Summary

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  •  The most influential elements of sink replacement are size, shape, and mount. 
  •  You may resize and reshape the sink cavity. 
  •  Even when all elements align, your old countertops may not match your new kitchen. 


Consider whether the replacement sink fits into the countertop cavity and what your needs are.

If you want a smaller sink, shop for new countertops. You can also speak to skilled renovators about resizing the cavity to fit a larger sink. A satisfactory size won’t need many alterations. Make sure your sink size and placement contribute to a step-saving kitchen plan


Can you replace a kitchen sink without replacing the countertop? Not unless the new sink fits the cavity’s shape. Like enlarging a small cavity, you can request your renovators to reshape some countertop cavities to fit a differently shaped sink. 

However, knowledgeable remodelers may still recommend a new countertop under certain circumstances. When they can’t reshape the cavity without damaging the materials, they’ll recommend sink and countertop replacement. 


How does your new sink mount to the countertop? Mounting style influences whether you can keep your old countertop. The brief guidelines below explain how sink mounting works:

  •  Undermount sink to undermount sink: Since these mounts are the same, the new sink should easily integrate into the old cavity. 
  •  Drop-in sink to drop-in sink: The cavity should accommodate a new drop-in sink of matching size and shape. 
  •  Undermount sink to drop-in sink: Although you might encounter some complications, this switch is possible. 
  •  Drop-in sink to undermount sink: This change comes with more challenges than others. It requires assistance from renovation specialists. 

What Else Should You Consider?

Even if the size, shape, and mount match perfectly, you could still encounter some trouble. For example, say that you installed new flooring. Choosing countertop and floor combos that work well together is key to a cohesive kitchen; if your old countertops don’t match your new flooring, then you could end up with subpar results.

Paying attention to countertop damage is important, too. Your old countertops have likely experienced extensive wear and tear; if the damage is too extensive, then it may not look good with a new sink.

Can You Replace a Kitchen Sink Without Replacing the Countertop? Ask the Pros at Cutting Edge Cabinetry

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Allison Schmidt