Kitchen Remodel FAQ

View our frequently asked questions below to learn more about kitchen remodeling, custom cabinetry, our process, and much more.

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Our team consists of in-house design consultants, professional carpenters, and skilled installers dedicated to creating beautiful spaces for you and your family.

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What Is a Design-build Remodeling Contractor?

A design-build contractor offers a full-service approach to remodeling, from the design process to project completion. Rather than working with separate contractors, you have a single point of contact and a united team working on your project.  

When you choose Cutting Edge Cabinetry, trust us to guide you through the entire remodeling process from start to finish. We have an in-house designer and a team of experts committed to bringing your design to life.  

Whether you need help selecting kitchen cabinets or experts to upgrade your plumbing and electricity, we have what it takes to do the job right.

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Why Hire a Professional for Kitchen Remodeling?

If you’re interested in a kitchen renovation or other home remodeling project, you have to decide whether to hire an expert or tackle it on your own. While the DIY route may seem tempting, it will cost you more in the long run than hiring a pro.

Unbeatable benefits of working with experts like Cutting Edge Cabinetry include:

  • Getting any necessary permits  
  • Supplying the best quality materials  
  • Getting the most out of your budget  
  • Tackling unexpected issues  

Ultimately, hiring experts saves you time, money, and costly mistakes and ensures a professional job well done.

What Home Improvement Adds the Most Value?

Kitchen remodels remain popular among many property owners because they deliver the greatest average return on investment of all home renovation projects. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend big in the kitchen to recoup your investment.  

For example, a minor kitchen remodel will recoup an average return of about 81% on the investment. Renovation options include anything from upgrading to a tile floor to modernizing your front-facing cabinets.   

Overall, updating cabinets and kitchen countertops add the most value to a kitchen. Ready to start planning your next home remodel? Contact us to get started.

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How Long Should a Home Remodeling Project Take?

The length of a project typically depends on the scope of work. However, our team can give you an idea of the time and cost of the project early in design. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll give you a detailed estimate of the expected cost and time of completion.

What Are Custom Cabinets, and Are They Worth It?

Unlike stock cabinets, Cutting Edge Cabinetry builds custom cabinets to accommodate personal style preferences, influenced by kitchen design and layout. These cabinets offer more style, color, finish, and size options than traditional stock cabinets, allowing for maximum space efficiency and functionality.  

Because we measure custom cabinets to the exact specifications and size of your home’s walls, you won’t have to worry about dead spaces or awkward corners. Overall, custom cabinets are worth the investment if you want something extraordinary that complements your space.

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When Is the Best Time to Remodel My Home?

Our team can remodel your home year-round, depending on the project. We usually complete renovation or remodeling projects at any time of the year. Contact us for a free consultation for additional tips and advice on project costs and timelines.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Custom Cabinets?

No two custom cabinets are alike, so we provide cost estimates on a case-by-case basis. Key factors that affect the total cost include the amount and type of materials used, the kitchen size, whether the project includes special features and accessories, and more.

Contact us to book a free consultation and request a quote. After evaluating your property and assessing your needs, we’ll provide an accurate estimate.

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Can I Live in My House During the Remodeling Process?

Yes, most often, you can. Our team takes extra caution to section off working areas to minimize disturbance through the rest of your house so you can live at home as we do what we do best.

Why Should I Consider Cutting Edge Cabinetry for My Kitchen Remodel?

Cutting Edge Cabinetry is a family-owned and operated company with expertise in all phases of the kitchen remodeling process, from start to finish. We have over 30 years of experience in cabinetry craftsmanship and installation.  

Our sense of responsibility and attention to detail has helped us earn the trust and loyalty of the West Haven, UT community. Check out our reviews to see what your neighbors think about us.

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Sarah Eriksen
Sarah Eriksen
January 4, 2024
I did a full kitchen remodel and they were great to work with. Wonderful communication throughout the entire project. And the end result is stunning.
Dorinda Lauer
Dorinda Lauer
October 4, 2023
Very helpful and extremely nice people. They had their dogs behind the counter and the big poodle looking dog barks a lot. It was annoying.
Kevin Kyle
Kevin Kyle
July 30, 2022
Cutting Edge was great to work with from the very beginning. In the design phase, we presented the space we had to work with and Cutting Edge helped us figure out the best use of our space. From there they built the cabinets, had them installed, and also coordinated the counter top subcontractor to come in to install and mount our sink for us. This was an extremely positive and streamlined experience for me and I highly recommend Cutting Edge. I can't see myself using anyone else in the future.
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese
July 6, 2022
Beautiful design and a finished product that matches!
Kevin Crandall
Kevin Crandall
July 6, 2022
Very good experience. Cabinets look amazing! Design is flawless.
April 5, 2022
We hired to get our cabinet & microwave above the stove installed. Very grateful and satisfied with the service provided. We didn't have the screws for the microwave, and Josh found us screws and came back the next day to finish. I appreciate the patience and willingness to finish the job. Definitely would hire again. Thank you!
Anna Judd
Anna Judd
November 9, 2021
I do not know if there are enough words to describe how much I appreciate the work done by Cutting Edge Cabinetry. They answered their phones, they showed up exactly when they said they would, listened to my needs and made a plan. I had a quote within 24 hours. Josh is a great business owner and cares about his clients. The expert knowledge and ability to creat the perfect kitchen for me was amazing. He lined up subs and had my counter tops place the work done so timely. Thank you so much for working with me and helping me get my kitchen back. I give Cutting Edge Cabinetry 10 ⭐️s
Rosalie Arave
Rosalie Arave
July 14, 2021
Josh and Alison were so helpful during the entire process. They helped me design a very custom cabinet setup for my salon, taking into consideration that I will be potentially splashing water and chemicals around, and gave me a material that is durable for that. It turned out perfect. They delivered them within the time frame I was told from the beginning and the installation was quick. I ran into a timing issue with my granite countertops and Josh made me a quick temporary top I can use in the meantime so I don't have to reschedule days of work. Very professional and great quality cabinets! Highly recommend!
James W
James W
February 18, 2021
Great communication and perfect installation of 3 bathroom vanities. 1 of which was heavily customized and worked perfectly. Even welcomed and completed an afterthought we had a few weeks after installation. Highly recommend working with Josh and his team.

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