Hickory cabinets seduce numerous homeowners due to their visual appeal and incredible durability. But what countertops go with hickory cabinets? As a reliable kitchen remodeling company in West Haven, UT, we at Cutting Edge Cabinetry help you decide which countertops pair best with hickory below. 

Short Summary

In this article, we’ll explain the following:

  •  Hickory boasts colors that vary from cream to reddish. They do best with solid colors or surfaces with minimal features and accents. 
  •  While marble and hickory pair well, marble can be expensive and requires maintenance.
  •  Granite countertops are perfect for kitchen environments, yet some slabs clash with hickory. 
  •  Quartz is versatile and comes in varying colors and patterns, making for a perfect partner to a set of hickory cabinets. 

Hickory’s Visual Profile

Hickory boasts several impressive features, such as:

  •  Exceptional hardness
  •  Lasting durability
  •  Resistance to damage

This wood also sports a gorgeous visual profile, with colors that vary between light and creamy to deeper reddish tones. The countertops that best compliment hickory will depend on the variation you choose. 

Many skilled renovators will recommend solid surface countertops, regardless of the cabinet material. Stone countertops will outlast wooden ones. They also resist damage more readily. Explore some outstanding countertop choices below. 

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a timeless option that never goes out of style! You can use them on kitchen islands or accent surfaces. Most marble slabs vary extensively in coloration and natural design, offering a wealth of aesthetic options to suit your desires. 

Should you use marble on all countertops? That depends on your budget and texture preference. Polished marble develops scratches and etching easily. Honed marble doesn’t succumb to damage as readily. If you choose materials like marble, you should also consider what maintaining countertops during sink replacement entails to avoid damage. 

Granite Countertops

What countertops go with hickory cabinets? Some renovation experts recommend granite countertops. While some designers shy away from granite’s bold patterns and veins, a renovator with a keen eye can make them work well with hickory. 

Granite is a more cost-effective solution. Numerous property owners prize it for its heat resistance and ability to withstand years of wear and tear. Although the material’s unique visual profile poses a challenge for creating the perfect color combination, you can work with your renovator to find a granite slab that blends individuality with harmonious balance.  

Quartz Countertops

Perhaps you want an easy renovation process with as few aesthetic hiccups as possible. Homeowners with this perspective fall in love with quartz countertops. Quartz is a synthetic stone-like material that comes in similar variations as the above options as well as solid themes. Therefore, you’ll find slabs that readily match your hickory cabinets.  

Plus, quartz slabs come with several advantages:

  •  Affordable pricing
  •  Low maintenance
  •  No sealant necessary
  •  Non-porous surface
  •  Easy to clean

What Countertops Go With Hickory Cabinets? Contact Cutting Edge Cabinetry for the Perfect Match!

So, what countertops go with hickory cabinets? The answer depends on the maintenance you’ll put in and your aesthetic preferences. At Cutting Edge Cabinetry, we specialize in selecting countertop-floor combinations and countertop-cabinet matches. Call 385-469-1298 to book a design consultation.

Allison Schmidt