Allison Schmidt


Allison Schmidt is a highly skilled interior designer who specializes in creating captivating kitchen layouts. As the driving force behind kitchen remodeling and cabinet design projects at Cutting Edge Cabinetry in West Haven, Utah, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Allison’s passion lies in meeting with customers, understanding their unique vision, and translating it into stunning designs. With meticulous attention to detail, she crafts functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens that perfectly align with her client’s preferences. Beyond her design talents, Allison is adept at estimating project costs and flawlessly programming the CNC machines to ensure precise execution. Her dedication to delivering exceptional results, paired with her innovative approach, has established her as a trusted professional in the industry. Allison continues to make significant contributions to Cutting Edge Cabinetry and is committed to creating beautiful and functional spaces that exceed her client’s expectations.


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Cutting Edge Cabinetry & Services
3200 S 2050 W Suite 1
West Haven, UT, 84401, United States
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