Is your kitchen space feeling cramped and tight? You’re likely looking for ways to add more space to the area, but before you start knocking down walls and expanding your kitchen, consider this helpful guide to getting more storage and function out of the heart of your home.

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1. Add Storage With Intentional Cabinet Drawers and Shelves

One way to achieve a clean and safe kitchen and maximize storage space relies on using your cabinets more efficiently. You don’t have to settle for wasted space when you can add drawers and rows of shelving within your cabinets. Instead of tossing everything in piles and hoping for the best, you can store items intentionally.

Wine glasses, cups, containers, appliances, silverware, and other types of cookware might call your cabinets home, but are you storing them in a way that makes the most sense? Consider smart cabinet storage for these common kitchen items:

Container and Lid Storage

If you’ve managed to match all your food storage containers and their lids, you need an appropriate place to store them. Storage containers without a home can take up valuable space on a counter. Including pockets in a cabinet drawer for lids will require less space and create neat storage, and you can place containers underneath.

Plastic and Garbage Bags

You can adhere a small basket or even a tissue box to the inside of a cabinet door to store kitchen bags. Having ziplock bags, garbage bags, and plastic bags everywhere can quickly lead to a messy kitchen. A designated, neat area out of the way will help you access bags easily.

Spice Storage

Although in small containers, spices can waste a lot more room than you might think. Like with bag storage, you can install a rack or magnets inside your cabinet doors. You can also add a short cabinet drawer to fit your spices perfectly inside without making a jumbled mess.

Canned Goods

If you accumulate a lot of canned foods, they likely take up more space in your cabinets than needed. Make them easier to find and grab with a horizontal can holder that you can utilize from top to bottom. These make a perfect option for your pantry, or if you’d like to store more cans within your cabinets, then consider this technique to maximize kitchen space.

2. Add More Wall Storage

Your kitchen storage doesn’t have to stop at the countertops and cabinets. Shelving and racks on the walls can give the dead wall space some use. If you currently hang up wall art and decor, consider making way for more storage with the following smart ideas:

Backsplash Racks

Wall racks can keep extra knives and cutlery out of drawers and within easy reach. Some items to store here include soup ladles, whisks, or even dish towels.

Wall Shelves

Jars on wall shelves can store your dry goods like pasta, beans, oatmeal, sugar, coffee, and cereals. While you can find aesthetically appealing decorations for open shelves, you also might consider storing recipe books, spices, and more.

Whatever you store on your shelves, they’ll add the extra space you want.

3. Use a Single-Bowl Sink

A single-bowl sink works just as well as a double-bowl and gives you back more space, such as for appliances and a preparation area. Sink-side racks can hold your sponges or help clean dishes dry without using your countertop space.

4. Hang a Wired Basket

Wired baskets offer a perfect way to prevent fruit from clogging up your valuable counter space. You can maximize kitchen space by hanging storage from the ceiling with a basket, as fruits like apples, oranges, pears, and more can reside there for a few days.

5. Install Cabinets From Floor to Ceiling

You might already have cabinets in your kitchen that are full of pots and pans. However, running cabinets from the floor all the way up to the ceiling can add to your storage space. Keep the items and appliances you use the most in lower, easy-to-grab cabinets along with walls.

If you have seasonal items and special occasion pans, store these higher up so you can reach them as needed. If you find taller cabinets hard to reach, don’t forget to have a small set of steps nearby. This way, you can use all your cabinets to their full potential and store more items. 

6. Put Your Coffee Maker Under Your Cabinetry

Get extra space on your counters by relocating your coffee maker, especially if you use it on a daily basis. It doesn’t make sense to hide it away after every use when you can store it at eye level under your cabinets. 

If you really love coffee, you can use a bar cart for all your morning drink needs. You can put your coffee maker on or in the cart, store mugs and cups, and house all your favorite creamers, sugars, and syrups in an appealing and functional way.

7. Create a Paper Collection Area

Are recipes and other loose papers cluttering your counters and wasting space? You need an accessible area to store them, whether in your home office and away from the kitchen or a wall-mounted filing holder. You can even install it on the side of your cabinets.

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