If you have plans to renovate your kitchen, you can lose yourself in the endlessly exciting details. Although many homeowners enter a remodeling project with similar passion, fatigue surrounding the process’s timeline overtakes the excitement. How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Cutting Edge Cabinetry’s experienced kitchen remodeler in West Haven, UT, examines the myriad of factors that influence the kitchen remodel duration. Learn what to expect below.

An Overview of the Renovation Phases

You’ll experience several phases throughout your kitchen remodeling project. These renovation phases help the construction crew develop detailed plans for your unique project. When you understand how each phase fits into your calendar, you can better plan your life around the project and deal with a little less stress.


During the exploration phase, you’ll collect ideas, identify possibilities, and begin shopping for the best renovation services for your project. You should also create a detailed budget and consider how the renovation may interrupt your daily schedule.


Once you’ve entered the discovery phase, you’ve hired a reputable renovation company. You’ll consult with the team leader about the scope of work your kitchen requires. You’ll identify features you want to keep, discard, and replace. Use as many pictures and details as possible to help with communication.


The designer visits your home, studies your kitchen, and drafts detailed plans for your project. They should offer an estimated price and timeline. Revisit your budget and schedule to ensure the project flows smoothly with your lifestyle.


After the planning phases, construction finally begins. The renovator handles most of the tasks throughout this phase. However, you should still stay updated on the project and address any issues brought up by the team leader.


The post-construction phase involves:

  • Inspections
  • Approvals
  • Clean-up
  • Adding any final details

Once post-construction ends, you can finally enjoy your dream kitchen

Steps of a Project Timeline

Although the phases offer a general outline for your project, each phase has several steps. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each step and what it involves. Remember that your project may differ from this outline in some ways.

#1. Pre-Planning

The pre-planning requires you to carefully research what to achieve with your renovation project. Use Pinterest or similar apps to collect ideas and identify goals. You should also choose at least three potential renovation companies and collect quotes and project scopes from each. Remember to ask essential kitchen remodeling questions to ensure your remodeler’s skill and experience.

#2. Hire Remodelers

After finding an ideal remodeler, you’ll schedule consultations and site visits. During the consultation, the designer will explore your ideas in detail. Remodeling experts will visit your home to see their workspace in person. You’ll receive an estimate and a timeline for your kitchen renovation.

#3. Obtain Permits

How long does a kitchen remodel take? The answer frequently depends on how quickly your remodeling team obtains the necessary permits for the project. Many homeowners underestimate the pertinence of permits.

But no project can begin without the city approving it first. The remodeling team leader may need a few weeks to months, depending on your local approval process.

#4. Material Sourcing

Another influential factor is material availability and shipment. If your remodeling company sources the materials, they likely have them either on hand or at a nearby warehouse. If you source the materials, you will drive the project speed during this step.

#5. Break Ground

Breaking ground on a remodeling project involves demolishing old, unwanted structures. This stage lasts a day or two. Your contractors will remove old materials, salvage the structures you want to keep, and begin moving new materials in.

#6. Plumbing and Electrical

Next, the renovation team will reroute and repair plumbing and electrical networks throughout the kitchen. The time frame for these efforts depends largely on your goals. For example, moving your sinks and countertops to the other side of the area will take much longer than keeping these components in the same location. A complete redesign often requires extensive rerouting and installation.

#7. Municipal Inspections

Some municipalities require inspections and further sign-offs on construction and renovation projects before the project closes. These inspections ensure safe, quality electrical and plumbing work and structural integrity.

#8. Installations

Once your locality signs off the kitchen remodel, the real fun finally begins. The renovation team will close the walls and install appliances, fixtures, and other details like countertops and cabinets. The installation process may take up to 15 days.

#9. Clean-up

Finally, the crew cleans up the worksite. They’ll eliminate as much dust and dirt as possible. They may also ask you to perform final walkthroughs to ensure your new kitchen matches your expectations.

#10. Payment

The project leader puts all the finishing touches in place. You’ll sign off on any completion paperwork and pay for the services provided. Stay in contact with your contractor in case a connection or appliance needs repair. This final stage lasts around a week.

Other Influencing Factors

As with many home improvement projects, kitchen remodels rarely follow a strict, consecutive timeline. You might encounter other factors affecting the renovation’s overall trajectory. An experienced renovator should inform you about the following timeline determinants

  • Differences between full and partial remodels
  • Contractor availability
  • Their experience with the permitting process
  • Your home’s location
  • How your budget influences the timeline
  • Demo discoveries like water damage, structural integrity, and damaged plumbing or electrical networks

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

A partial kitchen remodel often takes a month or less, especially if most project phases go as planned. A full kitchen remodel can take up to six months to complete. Most project timelines average around three or four months.

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