A custom build kitchen island is one of the most desirable features in kitchen remodeling projects. If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen and it has enough space to accommodate an island, you might consider installing one. Kitchen islands have many features and numerous design possibilities that can help transform your kitchen space into your dream room.

Benefits of Incorporating an Island to Modern Kitchen Remodels

Your reasons for adding a custom build kitchen island to your home might differ from another homeowner’s. However, this feature’s seemingly endless design possibilities don’t negate the many benefits they provide, including the following.

Extra Storage Space

People often install kitchen islands because they need extra storage space. Regardless of the island’s size, designers can configure them to accommodate drawers, cabinets, and shelves. If your kitchen lacks storage space, installing an island is an excellent way to have a designated spot for all your kitchen necessities without crowding your countertops.

Having extra kitchen storage also means you can incorporate the appliances, gadgets, and features you desire for your kitchen remodel. For instance, your custom kitchen island could include a pull-out drawer to hide your trash can or cabinets with pullout shelves for spices and pantry items.

Additional Meal Prep and Cooking Space

Kitchen islands with sinks and dishwashers and islands with cooktops are other ways to utilize this feature. Adding a sink and dishwasher to your island frees up countertop space on the main wall for meal preparation and turns the kitchen island into a cleaning station. You can also reverse the design to install a range on the island, allowing you to cook while facing outward into the room instead of facing a wall.

You will have extra counter space regardless of how you arrange your new kitchen island. Depending on your kitchen’s size and layout, you could install an island with up to four times the counter space as a typical kitchen counter. The added space will make baking and preparing meals easier, or you can use it as a general workspace.

In-Kitchen Seating and Dining Options

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many households, making the kitchen island the ideal place to connect with friends and family. Custom islands can include countertop extensions for built-in seating and dining. Options can also include raised countertops that allow people to sit at the island without interfering with anyone cooking, meal prepping, or cleaning on the opposite side.

Turning an island into a seating area is an excellent option if you don’t have a dining table in your kitchen. These features are versatile and functional.



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