One of the most important aspects of contemporary kitchens is contemporary kitchen cabinets. However, you might wonder what features give cabinetry a contemporary style that fits the room’s desired aesthetic. Though contemporary design trends are ever-evolving, these are the standout modern cabinetry features for 2023 that could inspire your next kitchen remodeling project.

Pull-Out Pantries

Every contemporary kitchen should have a pantry for extra storage of dry goods, canned food, and other items. However, you can maximize your kitchen space by installing a pull-out pantry. Pull-out or roll-out pantries can provide storage without taking up too much kitchen space.

These remarkable cabinets can be as small as 18 inches wide, which is suitable for pull-out shelves. The design gives you a complete view of everything on each shelf and makes them easily accessible.

Tip-Out Trays

One of the unique ideas for contemporary kitchen cabinets is the tip-out tray. These sleek pop-out drawers are perfect sink base accessories that mimic a false drawer front. It’s the ideal place to store cleaning supplies like sponges, dish towels, and gloves for washing dishes and keep them within reach.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary cabinetry embraces natural materials. Since the kitchen aesthetic mainly focuses on clean lines, simplistic hardware, and minimal designs, features like reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets can add a natural beauty to the room. Instead of creating an ornate cabinetry design, the wood’s natural grain will enhance the cabinets’ appeal and give the room a sense of effortless charm.

Deep Drawers

Drawers are a staple for kitchen cabinetry, but they don’t have to be short, nor do you have to put them directly below the countertop. One of the biggest cabinetry trends of 2023 is deep drawers instead of traditional cabinet doors.

With deep drawers, you don’t have to limit yourself to only using drawer space for utensils, kitchen towels, or aluminum foil containers due to limited space. By replacing lower cabinets with deep drawers, you will have a place to store bulkier items that would otherwise take up space on your countertop or upper cabinets. Use the upgraded drawers for plates, storage containers, pots, pans, and more.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Though you might find a pop of color in a modern kitchen, the contemporary aesthetic usually centers on monochromatic color palettes in neutral shades. An example is the all-white kitchen with muted gray or creamy white accents. Maintaining a single color for your cabinets, flooring, and countertops gives the kitchen a cohesive appearance and a sense of airiness.

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Allison Schmidt