Kitchen design trends continue to evolve yearly, following our evolving tastes and styles. The trend changes affect everything from kitchen cabinet colors to gadgetry. If you plan to consider a kitchen renovation or remodel, it makes sense to follow the latest trends.

This article will focus on popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2023.

Natural Wood Tone

In the past, most people covered natural wood kitchen cabinets with paint. Today, we see a rise in the number of homeowners embracing the natural wood color and drawing more attention to the wood grain.

Natural wood adds a touch of organic color to the kitchen. Think about how dark brown walnut, reddish cherry, or white oak cabinetry will look combined with your wider kitchen aesthetic. Perhaps more importantly, the finish on authentic wood can withstand years of heavy use.

White or Off-White

Look around you; white and off-white represent two of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors. Luckily, 2023 will not change anything on that front.

White cabinets offer timeless features you can find in a modern or traditional kitchen. They make a fantastic option if you want an airy and bright kitchen.

More homeowners now choose to go with pops of color and ditch the flat look of these colors, but the classic white and off-white cabinets will remain in style for the foreseeable future.

Dual Tone

Dual-tone kitchen cabinet colors have been around for a while. The increased popularity likely stems from more people embracing the natural wood tone and combining it with another color.

A dual-tone design is when the two sets of cabinets in a typical kitchen have different colors.

With this method, you can choose to have natural wood cabinets around your kitchen island and then paint the wall cabinets white. Mixing and matching tones can add more depth and warmth to your kitchen.

Deep Forest Green

Dark greens have recently become popular because of their soft and welcoming tone. They also offer the warmth many homeowners now look for in their kitchen designs.

The rise of green as a popular color in kitchen design began in 2022, and the momentum will only continue to grow in 2023.

Taupe and Beige

These hues have also grown in popularity with the chase for softness and warmth. Cabinet painting experts recommend them for people looking for colors that have the classic feel of white and off-white while maintaining their own uniqueness.

They also work perfectly if you want to add verve to your kitchen without choosing a bold color.


Blue stands out as one of the popular kitchen cabinet colors of 2023 because it brings harmony and energy to the space at an affordable price. With so many shades to choose from, you can easily find the perfect blue to elevate your kitchen’s look and feel.

You can use blue as a standalone or as a part of a dual-tone configuration.

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