An eco-friendly kitchen makes a great option for the environment, but it’s also good for your home. Sustainable kitchens prove more efficient and cheaper to run in terms of monthly bills and maintenance costs. They can also benefit your health.

Are you aiming for an eco-friendly kitchen? It begins with using sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood during the remodeling project.

However, reclaimed wood only represents one of the sustainable materials you can use in a kitchen remodeling project. We’ll look at reclaimed wood in detail and cover other sustainable materials in this article.

Reclaimed Wood

This refers to any natural wood reclaimed from old buildings and barns and cleaned up for someone else to use in their kitchen remodeling or other renovation design. The marks and nail holes from previous use may be visible on these materials.

Reclaimed wood functions no differently from lumber wood. A quality product can have a similar lifespan to newly milled wood. You can use it on kitchen floors or to construct custom cabinets.

You can find quality reclaimed wood products from brands like Elmwood Reclaimed Timber and Viridian Reclaimed Wood.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)

MDF and MFC refer to sustainable materials you can use for flooring during kitchen remodeling projects. However, they can only claim sustainability if the manufacturers use sustainable products in making them.

While most MDF boards comprise sawmill waste, some manufacturers may use toxic glues in the manufacturing process. Thus, you need to know what went into the production of the MDF and MFC before you use them during your kitchen remodeling.

Glass, Sintered Stone, Quartz, and Terrazzo

These commonly recycled materials also prove useful in kitchen remodels because contractors can use them to build eco-friendly worksurfaces. You can install them on your island, countertops, backsplash, and other kitchen surfaces.


Manufacturers can recycle stainless steel, bronze, and copper multiple times. Thus, you can find recycled stainless-steel or bronze sinks to use during your kitchen remodeling project.


Bamboo makes an ideal sustainable material for kitchen flooring because it matures within seven years. Manufacturers can harvest the plant with minimal environmental impact overall. You can use bamboo for your kitchen flooring, cabinet doors, shelving, and more.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Technology

While energy-efficient kitchen appliances are not sustainable raw materials, all energy-efficient kitchens need them. Modern tankless heaters, refrigerators, electric cookers, dishwashers, and more can drastically reduce your kitchen’s power consumption.

Get Professional Help for Your Sustainable Kitchen

Going green isn’t a fad that will fade away tomorrow. It reflects a shift that more of us need to make to reduce the drain on the earth’s resources.

If you want kitchen cabinetry made from reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials, you can count on our team at Cutting Edge Cabinetry to deliver.

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Allison Schmidt