As property owners look to add kitchen storage to their homes, open shelves make a popular option. However, knowing how to style and decorate them is tricky, as the possibilities are endless. From storing cups and plates to housing plants and cookbooks, you can create the perfect shelves.

As West Haven’s kitchen remodeling company, Cutting Edge Cabinetry & Services goes over how to decorate open shelves in the kitchen. Read more about these fun and functional decorating ideas, then get in touch with the team to discuss our services.

1. Consider Your Most-Used Items

Having an L-shaped kitchen creates the perfect opportunity to store items on open shelving. If you fill your cabinets and drawers with cookware, cutlery, dry goods, kitchen appliances, and more, finding a place for the items you use most often is potentially difficult.

You can place items you utilize daily on your open shelving for easy access, such as the following:

Plates and Bowls

When styling kitchen shelves, include the plates and bowls you use most often. You only need a few plates and bowls for daily use, so you can store extras and special occasion plates or China in another spot. 

Mugs and Cups

Drinkware comes in many different sizes and shapes. Placing your favorites on shelving not only makes them accessible but can also make your shelves more interesting and personal with fun or stylish mugs.

2. Add Some Greenery

If you’re unsure of how to decorate open shelves in the kitchen, consider bringing some of the outside in. You can add a succulent or two on your shelves for some visual interest and joy. Their coloring can also pair well with art pieces, vases, cutting boards, and more for intentional beauty. 

3. Include Your Favorite Cookbooks

If you like to try out new recipes and need to reference your cookbooks, why not add them to your floating shelves? Including one or two of your favorites provides convenient access. Remember not to overload the shelf, though. 

4. Consider a Color Palette

While considering open shelving organization ideas, it doesn’t hurt to have a color palette. If you already have a color scheme and aesthetic in your kitchen, extend it onto your shelves with contrasting or the same colors. This includes grouping similar-colored plates, bowls, and cups with flowers, vases, and more.

5. Avoid Clutter or Excess Weight

Putting heavy items on the top shelf can cause everything to come crashing down, including your favorite mugs and plates. Weight becomes one of the most vital factors to consider when decorating open shelves. Keep things light to stay safe and achieve a beautiful look.

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