Having a kitchen upgrade is a dream come true for most housewives. 

A full makeover can be an exciting project but choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets can be quite difficult.

You can’t have a functional kitchen without cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are part and parcel of having a well-organized kitchen.

There are a whole range of styles available so you need to know some important aspects when selecting the right one. 

Whether you plan on an upgrade or full remodel of your entire kitchen we share some tips to help you choose the best kitchen cabinets for your home.

Match with Kitchen Style

Pick a kitchen cabinet that matches the style of your kitchen. If you have a traditional look or modern design throughout your home your cabinet should complement the look.

Take note of color schemes and the doors, they should complement the interior of your kitchen.

For small spaces, look for cabinets that offer space-saving technology. 

These space savers can be an amazing addition to your cramped room. Carousel corner cabinets are a great choice as they can be hidden behind traditional doors.

Pick the Right Material

You won’t run out of choices with materials available for your kitchen cabinets. There are cabinets made from stainless steel, metal, wood, melamine or thermofoil.

Each material has its own benefits and disadvantages pick one that suits your budget and specific needs.

Solid wood is still the popular choice for kitchen cabinet material.

Choose the Design

There are endless choices when you consider the styles and colors of doors available. Did we mention layout choices already? There are so many layouts to choose from as well.

Popular styles are modern, contemporary and traditional cabinets. 

Design choice should match the overall style of your home.

Flat cabinets are a good choice for modern kitchen designs. You can also try out handleless cabinets for that cool and seamless look.

Looks and Functionality

Choosing cabinets that look great are on top of the list but you should never overlook functionality.

Knowing the available space in your kitchen is always a factor, for small spaces adding drawers under the counters instead of the usual shelves are a good idea.

Cabinets are meant for storage, your choice should be perfect for the type of products you want to store.

Functionality and looks should work hand in hand, you wouldn’t want a piece that looks good but you can’t store any of your stuff in them.

Hardware Choices

You need to pick the right handles, pulls and knobs that would once again match the overall look of your space.

There are many colors, styles and finishes available.

Function and beauty are essential here. Kitchens can get messy all the time. Knobs and pulls can help protect your cabinet finish from the grime and oil that you may transfer to the cabinet surface.

Knobs are a good choice for all doors because they are lighter to open compared to drawers.

Keep in mind that using a pull to open a drawer is easier. Drawers can get heavy with all your pots, pans and dishes in them. Pulls are a good choice for large doors like a pantry door.

If you want to stick with all knobs or all pulls that would be fine. As long as you don’t have a hard time using either of the two.

Try out the knob or pull and decide based on what is more comfortable for you. 


The look of your kitchen is enhanced by your choice of finish for your cabinets. For a more natural feel, solid wood is your best choice.

You can’t go wrong with solid wood that is finished, stained or painted.

Color choice can also make cleaning easier. Lighter colors are better at hiding grime than darker shades. 

If you can afford to spend a little more you can try Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Ogden UTCustom Kitchen Cabinets Ogden UT

For homeowners with a budget to spare, you can’t go wrong with custom kitchen cabinets.

They will cost more than stock or semi-custom cabinets but you will surely get your money’s worth.

If you want the ultimate in personalization that can also last longer than stock and semi-custom pieces then custom pieces are your best bet.

For those with budget limitations, you can still do a mix of custom and semi-custom pieces for your kitchen upgrade.

Custom kitchen cabinets are built on-site compared to being built and sold as is in the case of other cabinet choices. You also have the option to come up with your own design and have your cabinet maker implement it for you.

The quality of custom cabinets will depend on the choice of materials, installation, and expert carpentry.

You pay more for higher quality wood and craftsmanship.

Stock cabinets are built based on standard cabinet sizes and are sold as-is. They are the cheapest among the lot and are quicker to purchase.

Semi-custom cabinets are partially built and include unfinished elements that are built to your preference before installation. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Cutting Edge Cabinetry 

Cabinets are not only functional pieces that add to the appeal of our home aesthetics they can also raise the value of our real estate property.

To maximize the value we get, custom kitchen cabinets are the best choice for your kitchen remodel project.

Finding the best makers in your location is vital to get the results that you want to achieve.

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