Glass kitchen cabinet doors have become a popular option for homeowners looking to fully renovate their kitchens or just elevate their kitchens’ aesthetics. Thus, kitchen cabinet doors with frosted glass have appeared on the radar of glass cabinet aficionados who want to add a little texture or contrast to their interior design style. But is this glass style a lasting trend for cabinet doors? 

Our custom cabinet experts at Cutting Edge Cabinetry dive into the details below and explain how to choose the right kitchen cabinet door style for your remodel.

Are Frosted Glass Cabinet Door Styles Trending?

Frosted glass is a type of glass featuring an opaque glass door that obscures visibility. While you can look directly through regular glass, you can’t see definite shapes with frosted glass. As more people express interest in cabinets with glass doors, they venture into more unique glass options to personalize their cabinets a little more.

Although frosted and traditional glass cabinet doors have become a darling among kitchen trends, choosing this style at random could throw off your kitchen’s interior design. Discover whether the trend is right for you and which cabinet door styles to consider.

What Styles of Frosted Glass Can I Choose for Modern Kitchen Cabinets?

Customization and personalization are essentials for any selection of modern kitchen cabinets. They allow you to add your signature to the heart of your home. Choose a style of kitchen cabinet doors with frosted glass that provides practical and aesthetic features to complement the way you use the kitchen: 

  • Satin frosted glass is the more transparent variety of frosted glass. It obscures the items on the other side to the point that it appears somewhat blurred.
  • Cabinet doors featuring sandblasted glass often have more character and individuality than other kitchen cabinet doors with frosted glass. Since this technique lacks uniformity, you can look forward to unique cabinets.
  • Finally, acid-etched glass offers the most obscurity. The method also produces more uniform results with a smooth texture.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Frosted Glass

Should your custom cabinets feature the attractive yet inscrutable glass embedded within the cabinet frame? Explore some of the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision.

The advantages include:

  • Glass doors are an excellent option to truly customize your kitchen cabinets.
  • They add texture, flare, and contrast to the often neat, clean aesthetics of certain trends.
  • Frosted glass allows you to see where items are located without playing hide-and-seek with your cabinet doors.

Meanwhile, the disadvantages include:

  • Glass cabinet doors magnify any clutter you have in each cabinet frame.
  • Glass is more prone to damage, fractures, and breakage than wood and other materials.
  • You must clean glass more frequently to maintain a tidy, clean appearance in your kitchen.

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Allison Schmidt