An Adventure Awaits at the Children’s Treehouse Museum in Ogden

The Children’s Treehouse Museum in West Haven, Utah, is a hidden gem of a museum that offers children to make meaningful connections through stories, imaginative play, literacy, and the arts. The museum showcases a Science Circus on the Second Floor with Air Tubes, which is one of the museum’s centerpiece exhibits. The museum, works with the requirements of the State Departent of education and features lessons and support the Utah State Educational Core Curriculum. Learn more here.

At Treehouse Children’s Museum, they are passionate about promoting a community-based approach to ensure Ogden’s youngest residents hit the ground running as they start their educational journey! Through extensive collaborations with educators, schools and even some beloved children’s authors the museum equips parents and teachers alike with all of the tools needed help get kids ready for Kindergarten. It is time soar into learning in style. Learn more about An Expedition to Remember at Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park.

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At the Children’s Treehouse, every day brings an unforgettable adventure! Families can dive into ParticiPlays® in the Simmons Storybook theater or explore interactive exhibit galleries. Who knows? You may even get to join our talented staff and help retell your favorite fairy tales — just like one of their star narrators!