If you’re knee-deep in a kitchen remodel, you probably know you need to choose a countertop edge to complete the look of your new project. The number of choices may overwhelm you, but this post will guide you through the options for a bullnose edge countertop. It is one of the most popular options, with style variations to create the exact feel you want for your new countertops.

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What Is a Bullnose Countertop Edge?

Full bullnose edges are rounded on the top and bottom to create a semi-circle on the countertop edge. The name comes from the rounded look of the nose of a bull. The rounded edges help create a safe environment for homes with young children who could get injured on countertops with sharper edges.

Bullnose Edge Variations

There are variations within the bullnose edge style. If you love the look of a bullnose countertop, you can go even further and choose a variation to give your kitchen countertops the exact style you want.

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose is the default choice, just like we discussed above. The top and bottom edges are rounded, creating a smooth semicircle.


The half-bullnose is rounded on the top edge but square on the bottom. It gives your countertops the look of a full bullnose edge countertop, but the square bottom edge makes it easier to clean up spills. Rounded edges allow spilled liquids to flow down your cabinets, creating stains and big messes. The square edge allows liquids to drip onto the floor, which can leave you with an easier mess to clean up.

Demi Bullnose

The demi bullnose takes the curved edge one step further. The upper edge extends further back toward the countertop, creating an elongated look. The underside is flat, giving you the easy-to-clean edge of a flat bullnose.

Double Bullnose

The double bullnose is considered a premium bullnose edge. Instead of one curved edge, it has two, which look like the letter M from the side. Premium countertop edges cost a little more because it takes a higher level of workmanship and more time to create them.

Cove Bullnose

The cove bullnose combines beveled edges with convex curves to create a unique, decorative style. It looks elegant and sophisticated, whether you have a small kitchen or one with plenty of room for family and friends. The cove is actually a combination of two edges and is not considered a laminated edge.

Laminate Edges

We just mentioned that a cove bullnose is not a laminate edge, but what does that mean? “Laminate edge” is an umbrella term for any countertop with two different edge styles combined together. Homeowners can create custom countertops using laminate edges to get the specific result they want in their kitchen.

Why Choose Bullnose Edges?

There are a variety of edge styles to choose from, so why choose a bullnose edge countertop?

Reduce the Chance of Injury

The rounded edges of a bullnose countertop reduce the chance of injury if you have small children in your household. Kitchen counters are right at head height for small children, and sharp corners can cause cuts, bruises, or even concussions. Rounded edges hurt less and cause fewer injuries when children run into them.

Versatility of Style

Bullnose edges work with a variety of styles. No matter if you prefer a contemporary kitchen or if your remodel is more along the lines of a traditional style, they won’t stand out and make your kitchen design look disjointed.


Many of the bullnose edge options are so popular that they don’t cost extra, which makes them a great choice in order to stay within your budget. If you choose to upgrade to one of the more decorative styles, you may pay a little extra.

Bullnose Edges for Your Custom Countertops

If you want an inexpensive countertop edge that works with just about any kitchen style, choose a bullnose edge countertop. Once you decide on a bullnose edge, you can customize it even further with variations like a half or demi bullnose. They are a great choice for homes with small children who could get hurt on countertops with sharp edges.

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Allison Schmidt