Designing a new kitchen can be difficult and it can be even harder when you don’t know where to start. The key to creating a dream kitchen you will love for years to come is proper planning. So today, the team at Cutting Edge Cabinetry & Services is here with these 10 useful tips for designing the perfect kitchen layout.

1. Think About the Kitchen Triangle

The so-called ‘kitchen triangle’ refers to the interplay of the refrigerator, cooktop, and sink. These three elements can be seen as the core of your layout around which you can build the rest of your kitchen. Following the general schema helps you design layouts that are more efficient.

2. Wide Walkways

Your kitchen will have much less utility if it is difficult for foot traffic to get through. Kitchens need wide walkways so you can easily maneuver around hardware and other fixtures. As a general rule of thumb, modern kitchen cabinets should be at least 42 inches wide—preferably 48 inches or more. Walkway size also matters as you won’t be able to open the fridge or oven doors if the space is too small.

3. Lighting Options

Lighting does a lot more than just provide visibility. It can increase the apparent size of your kitchen and highlight attractive design features. Kitchen lighting can be general, ambient, task-oriented, or mood lighting, depending on your needs. Kitchens should incorporate multiple lighting sources to avoid creating a flat and static look on modern wood finishes.

4. Maximize Storage Options

If you cook a lot, you want your cabinets and drawers to maximize storage space. Keep in mind that bigger cabinets and drawers are not always better for storage. For instance, tall cabinets will have a significant amount of dead space near the top. If you choose more compact cabinets, you can create more effective storage space.

5. Think About Backsplashes

Backsplashes are the part of your walls that sit behind the main kitchen cabinet and sink array. Backsplashes can consist of several materials, including tile, metals, marble, stone, and vinyl. Backsplashes are also a way to provide contrasting colors and designs. Backsplashes are highly versatile and can work with traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchen designs.

6. Ventilation Is Important

Ventilation is important for cooking because it can affect your indoor air quality and comfort. Ventilation systems can eliminate harmful odors and greases that can make your home dirty. Lastly, proper ventilation can reduce the risks of inhaling carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses from range stoves. Stoves can also go near windows and doors to ensure proper ventilation.

7. Electrical Outlet Placement

All kitchens need space for electrical appliances, and electrical outlet placement determines where you can use them. Electric outlets should concentrate around areas where appliances will receive heavy use, such as on countertops and islands. You can also outfit outlets with USB charging ports to further maximize outlet usage.

8. Allow Enough Door Clearance

Cabinets and drawers need enough space to open completely, so you have to design your kitchen with ample space. For example, you should put enough space between the corners of islands and countertops, so you can fully open the doors without appliances getting in the way. Knobs and cabinet handles can also get in the way of opening doors.

9. Island Or Not?

One of the most important decisions for your kitchen layout is whether you should install an island or not. Islands take up more space and can be expensive to install, but they provide a large amount of usable space for storage and food prep. The island can serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen, with other elements designed around it. We recommend using a design tool to see how an island would fit into your larger kitchen layout.

10. Countertop Types

All kitchens need some kind of countertops for food prep. If you like to cook frequently, make sure you add lots of counter space so you can work without clutter. Counter space typically goes between the range and sink on one side of the kitchen. You can also install a kitchen island to allow for more countertop space.

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